Q. Am I fit enough to attend classes????

A. All of GFNE classes will help to improve your fitness and are suitable for all fitness levels. We have a large range of fitness levels in each class from experienced instructors to clients who are brand new to exercise and have never done a push up in their life's!  REMEMBER everyone has to start some where!

Q. I am new to fitness or haven't trained in a while, which class would you recommend that I start with??

A. With every class you can adapt the intensity to you suit, its not about competing with the person next to you or worry that you aren't doing the same as other people in the class. We are all different and train at different paces, for this reason check out the class descriptions and decide which you would like to try first. Its half the battle if you enjoy the sessions! Let the instructor know it is your first class and we will look after you. 

All classes are suitable for all fitness levels!!!

Q. Do I need to book  for classes or can I just turn up?

A. You can turn up and join in most of our body weight classes,  however we ask you to book into a few which require equipment. Please use the booking link on our 'whats on' page to see which classes you need to book.... 

Q. What is the monthly challenge and what does it entail?

A. Our monthly Challenge runs from the first of every month for 4 weeks. If you sign up to the challenge you will get access to unlimited classes (NOT including the Louisa Centre or Conestt Leisure centre classes), you will be weighed and measured at the start and end of the challenge and given a nutrition pack to follow. You get a nutrition pack to follow, access to our members facebook page and an online code to follow home workouts and recipes! We ask that you take photos of your self in underwear or swimwear on day one and the last day of the challenge. At the end of every challenge a WINNER is chosen based on the best improvement and they will win the following month FREE!!!

We do have clients that don't join the challenge to win the prize but just for the fantastic value of getting all classes for £48 a month, only £12 per week which is the price of 3 classes pay as you go!!     

Q. How do I sign up for the monthly challenge?

A. join at any one of our classes at the beginning of the month as the challenge runs from the 1st of every month. The instructor will take your details, payment can be made in cash or cheque (we also have a paypal option if you prefer, get in touch for details) You will be given a membership card which you will need to present at all classes and your nutrition pack will be sent via email.

Q. Can you pay as you go or do I need to sign up to the monthly challenge?

A. Yes we also offer a pay as you go scheme with classes ranging from £3.40-£4.50. 

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