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Michelle Garton

Michelle has been working in the fitness industry since 2003. She completed her Degree in Dance and Choreography and found her passion was in fitness.  After working in various gyms in the North East, she decided to created the company Get Fit North East in 2006. Ever since then has helped hundreds of people transform their lives and expanded her team of instructors. 


Tanya Jefferson

Tanya joined GFNE as a client in 2012. She was then a Beautician but decided to have a change of career paths when Michelle offered her the chance to be trained to become an instructor for GFNE and has never looked back. She has very quickly developed into a fantastic trainer. Her passion is helping others transform their bodies and minds, and is always smiling no matter what she is doing! 

Hannah Hardy 

Hannah loves to help clients achieve their goals and brings heaps of energy to every class. She is extremely motivational and knows how to get the best out of each and every GFNE client. 

Kimmi Olsen- Brown 

Kimmi joined the team in 2014 and has never looked back. Since then she has developed her skills in the fitness industry and also offers sports massage as well as Personal Training. Kimmi is very inspiring and she absolutely loves transforming so many lives. She will never let you get away without giving it 110% in every class. Her eyes are on everyone and technique is her number one priority. 

Gemma Oxley  

Our lovely Gemma is known as 'the lovely but brutal one'! She brings so much energy to classes (she has springs in her feet!!!!) and brightens any room with her contagious smile! 

She makes any new member feel instantly at ease with her warm personality

Steff Miller 

The lovely Steff is the most recent member of the GFNE team who continues to add even more to the company. Her love for fitness shines through in every class she teaches. She is super friendly and approachable, and our members love her. She loves teaching our water based classes, so watch out for her on pool side! 

Lucy Baldwin 

Lucy was a dancer before she could walk! She has danced and performed from a very young age. naturally she also found a passion for fitness too and joined the team in 2012. 

She contributes to the choreographed GFNE programs and loves to motivate others to achieve their goals. She delivers dance classes for children all over the North East, promoting fitness in schools. 

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