Written Testionials By Clients!

Please read through out 'Testimonials' written by our clients. You might be suprised at what they've said!

Lynne Harrison!

The fact that you are reading this tells me that you are one step closer to making the best decision of your life and that is to join the GFNE team and come to their classes. I can guarantee you 100% that you will not regret it! I certainly don't. I found my saviours in the team at the end of July 2013. GFNE was recommended to me by my daughter's social worker one day when I was completing a questionnaire about health and well being. As a single parent/ carer of a disabled child my free time is fairly limited and I was feeling lonely and isolated. I was trying to keep low moods and depression at bay by exercising to DVDs at home but it just meant that I was still doing everything alone. She told me all about getfitnortheast and said that I should look at their website because (and this was the deciding and interesting factor that caught my attention) you could take your child along too. This was music to my ears. I could try to get into shape and lose weight to feel better about myself but take Alisha too. I really had no excuse now. I was at my first metafit class 3 days later. Everyone at the class was so welcoming. Michelle made me feel like a long lost friend and put me at ease instantly. Strangers smiled and chatted to me. Then the class started. It was then that I discovered how unfit I really was. After 10 minutes I thought I was going to be sick. At the end of the first class I wondered what the hell I was doing but I went back as I just loved the feeling of camaraderie that you get from the other members at classes. There was no one judging me or watching me. I didn't feel uncomfortable only welcome. I am so glad that I did because not only have the get fit team helped me to to continue to transform my body from an ample size 24 and 16 stone but they have transformed my life (and Alisha's). 
Alisha and I love going to classes. Alisha for the music, which she sings and dances along to in her wheelchair. For me I love the wide variety of classes that are on offer, the fact that your body and fitness is always being tested to the limits and of course the number of friends that I have made in such a short space of time. I know that whenever I turn up to a class I will see a smiling, supportive face. The classes have transformed my body shape more than any gym has ever done before. My body fat is melting away day by day thanks to the fitness classes and of course the nutritional seminars and programme that they provide. This combined approach means that now, as I approach 40, I am at my fittest and slimmest ever!!! ( I will admit to you all now that I have tried every diet know to man and every fad on the market but the getfit approach really has made the difference). And that is the icing on the cake. I will even go so far to admit that my addiction to food has been replaced with an addiction to exercise and training. I hate missing classes these days. So if like me you have looked in the mirror and hated what you see, if you want to get fit and change your life, if you have children and wondered where you would fit in getting fit then a getfit class is your answer. They have the key to transform your life. They will literally get you fit!!! All you have to do is show up and give it a go! In fact Alisha and I will see you at the next class. 

Fiona Hall!

I gained 5 stone in total when I had my 3rd child and a couple of months after having him decided enough was enough and I had to do something about the extra weight. I had seen pictures and heard excellent reports from friends who had trained with Get Fit Northeast and decided to bite the bullet and take some photos (which was all the motivation I needed!!) and buy the monthly pass and start the challenge. It was a complete shock to the system but I got into a routine and started really enjoying it. The variety in classes is amazing. I do group training, metafit, Zumba, piloxing, kettlebells and Armageddon so I never get bored! The motivation and encouragement you get from the instructors is 1st class they really push you and help you get the results you want as do the people who go to the classes. No one judges one another and everyone is genuinely lovely. After the 1st month the difference in my body shape was unbelievable and I was ecstatic with the results. I am eternally grateful to Michelle and her team for helping me to feel the best both physically and mentally that I have ever felt in my life. She is a credit and an inspiration.

Amanda Seymour!

Having been a yo-yo dieter and gym goer for too many years to mention, my expectations of changing my ways was pretty low back in September 2013 when once again I had reached the point of being fed up of nothing fitting or looking nice, feeling tired and lethargic all the time. Blaming my hectic yet sedentary lifestyle working fulltime with two little ones as well; I genuinely did not think I could change my body shape or lose weight and keep it off!! A good friend convinced me to give metafit a try and as it was only 30 minutes long and the first session was free to try I thought what have I got to lose.  I can honestly say that I worked harder and sweated more in 30 minutes (and still do) than in a two hour gym session.  My dusty treadmill in my garage is testament to my usual lack of commitment to exercise but I soon found myself addicted to not only metafit but more importantly metafit with Get fit Northeast team and its members. The group support and team motivation is priceless. My enthusiasm and passion is rubbing off on family and friends as they all love it now too.  Having seen some fantastic  inspirational and motivational results from the September and October fitness challenges, I took the plunge in November and signed up for the six week Christmas challenge. 
This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.  In six weeks, I dropped a stone in weight but more importantly I lost just over 22 inches as well as dropping much needed body fat and as a result genuinely feeling fantastic. I surprised myself by maintaining this over Christmas which has helped motivate me for 2014. It is amazing how following the simple principles of clean eating and the detox plan can totally revitalise your wellbeing. Having recently recovered from cancer treatment and 7 operations in the last 3 years, my last one in the last 12 months, I had accepted self-imposed limitations. Six short weeks of clean eating and working hard in classes changed that forever. The plan was so easy to follow and the recipes from the members and on tap nutritional advice meant I never felt hungry, didn’t count a single calorie and now have changed my eating habits for the better for the long-term. Believe me when I say I have tried every slimming club, diet plan and quick fix going, but the only thing I really lost were pounds from my purse.
I feel so privileged to have won the Christmas challenge and a year’s unlimited access to getfit northeast classes (of which there are now over 60 in a week) and free nutritional advice and motivation and support from all the members. I have clear goals for fitness and wellbeing and have no plans to ever count another calorie again! I genuinely can’t thank you all enough for this amazing opportunity to change my life for the better forever.
Thank you for helping me to get my life back on track. <3

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