The company started off in 2006 as ‘Get Fit 1 to 1’, before Michelle had any other members of staff. The company was focused on Personal Training and small group sessions only, in the grounds of Beamish Hall. As Michelle continued to expand knowledge, experience and qualifications further than just Personal Training and small group training, the company became ‘Get Fit North East’ in 2009.
As the company began to grow, Michelle realised the need to take on a member of staff to help with the demand of the business. At the point where she was almost burnt out from the physical hours of classes she was teaching per week alone, along came Tanya to the rescue!
Tanya was the first member of staff to be trained up through GFNE, and now delivers a huge range of different classes contributing to the choreography for the companies own branded programs.

GFNE are not just a fitness company, they bring communities together and improve mental and physical health. GFNE see their clients as a family, and once you have attended a class, you become a friend rather than a client.



Michelle has always had a passion for fitness. Since a very young age she competed in gymnastics and dancing competitions around the country which required very dedicated training. She went on to study dance after school, and completed her Degree in Dance and Choreography at college whilst finding her passion for the fitness industry. She works extremely hard, but absolutely loves her job. The most rewarding part about her job is seeing the huge impact she makes to peoples lives, not just physically, but mentally.


Tanya’s skills shine through in everything she teaches. She was the first member of staff to join Michelle, and helped grow and expand GFNE ever since. Her passion is helping others transform their bodies and minds, and is always smiling no matter what she is doing! Tanya prides herself in being more than her job title. She goes above and beyond for everyone around her.


Lucy has danced and performed from a very young age. Naturally she found a passion for fitness and joined the team in 2013. She contributes to the choreographed GFNE programs and loves to motivate others to achieve their goals. Lucy brings so much energy to everything she teaches. Its impossible not to work hard in her classes! She has an infectious energy!


Kimmi is very inspiring and she absolutely loves transforming so many lives. She has competed in bikini body building and has taken part in amateur boxing for charity. She is always up for a challenge! In classes she will never let you get away without giving it 110%. Her eyes are on everyone and technique is her number one priority.


From a young age Gemma has always been very active and took part in swimming, dancing, trampolining at a national level, and progressed onto coaching children to improve their skills. She brings so much energy to classes (she literally has springs in her feet!) and brightens any room with her contagious smile!


Hannah loves to help clients achieve their goals and brings heaps of energy to every class. She is extremely motivational and knows how to get the best out of each and every GFNE client. She is very approachable and takes great care of any new client who joins classes. She absolutely loves taking part in classes and inspires clients to push harder than ever.


Steff has such a huge passion for fitness. She can’t imagine her life without it. Her love for it shines through in every class she teaches. She is super friendly and approachable, and our members love her. She loves teaching our water based classes, so watch out for her on pool side! Her Tidal classes are extremely popular.


Megan is a hard worker who loves a challenge, and has had a passion for fitness and coaching since a young age. She was a keen cheerleader, and gymnast as a child, and swam for Derwentside swimming club. She has worked in schools sports partnership with Leisure Works with children and special needs. She is super talented and will give everything she does 100%.