GFNE are a company who deliver a huge range of fitness classes through out the North East for all abilities, (from children, professional athletes, to exercise for the elderly), and also deliver online sessions world wide.

SHREDDER Kettlebells

SHREDDER Kettlebells is a GFNE program focused specifically on shredding body fat, building lean muscle, and setting your metabolism on fire for 48 hours!

SHREDDER focuses on every part of your body. With the use of a Kettlebell weight from 20kg down to 2kg, there is something for everyone in this class, whether it’s your very first exercise class, or whether your an elite athlete! It incorporates shorts burst of high intense Kettlebell movements, combined with the most effective body weight exercises. It has all the elements you need for quick fat melting results.

Metafit is a high intensity workout including a series of body-weight exercises with interval style training. Designed to keep your body burning calories long after your training session is complete. Burn fat for 24 hours and see amazing fast results with this class! Easy and hard options so this class is for all fitness levels!

VYPA® is a 30 minute explosive, high energy, hardcore workout featuring boxing, cardio, plyometrics & sculpting all set to an epic hip hop & electronic playlist. Its fun, its wild and its hard. Expect to drip in sweat as you burpee, lay down a tonne of jumping jacks & kick ass with some swift boxing combos. Join the VYPA tribe & get your mind, body & soul into the sickest shape ever.
This is a GFNE program! This is a functional strength training class which is designed to strip body fat, increase strength and muscle definition, and improve cardio vascular fitness. It involves heavy resistance training such as battle ropes, power bags, medicine balls, kettlebells, tyres, and barbells in a circuit style format at short high intense intervals. It places your muscle sunder maximum stress to train your body to burn fat more efficiently. Spaces for this class are limited so please book your place!
SOULfusion/ PiYo
SOULfusion combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. And, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined
Iron Fit
IRON FIT is a GFNE program which is a complete body workout and will work every major muscle group in your body. Using barbells and weights this 45minute class will help you to improve your muscular strength & endurance. This class is designed to strip body fat, tone muscles and WILL change your body shape!! IRON FIT performs high repetitions to burn fat for the next 24 – 48 hours. Each music release will be a choreographed to a fun theme inspired genre such as Rock, Pop, 80’s, 90’s etc IRON FIT is suitable for all fitness levels!!
TRIO (Train, Resist, Intensify, Overload) is a energetic 30 minute high intensive class combining 3 of the most effective components STRENGTH, POWER and CARDIOVASCULAR training to optimise your body’s potential to gain results fast!!! This class is aimed at improving strength, stamina, speed, power and development of lean muscle. TRIO classes combine body weight, dumbbell and plyometric exercises in a superset format which will increase your metabolic rate and keep your body guessing.
This 30 minute intense water based class is taking the stereotypical ‘aqua class’ to the next level. This class is for ALL levels of fitness, not just for the injured, elderly, pregnant, or unfit. This heart raiser session is high intense/low impact making it suitable for a variety of fitness levels and abilities, but challenging enough for each individual. In this class you will sculpt your body shape using the resistance of the water forcing the muscles to work harder working the entire body. The benefit of training in water is that the resistance of water breaks down fat, fuels the muscles, and improves circulation and cellulite. Adding Tidal to your fitness program will boost energy levels, relieve stress and increase muscle strength power and endurance.
Fitness for kids
GFNE offer a range of different children’s classes which are popular for PE lessons in schools, and after school clubs. The types of classes we can provide are: cheerleading- (A fun and energetic 30 minute session incorporates all the elements of cheerleading including jumps, kicks, dance and of course cheers) Kids Fit Camp/ Teens Fit Camp- If your kids love a challenge they will love this class. We’ll raise your children’s heart rate and their love for fitness with this high-energy class! Designed and taught by our experienced fitness instructors, kids will learn how to pump up their energy. GAMEFIT- A perfect program focused on improving children’s speed, agility, coordination strength and power. Very effective for sport specific groups.
Tornado is a GFNE program focusing on increasing speed, building lean muscle and burning maximum fat and calories. Using a range of barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, benches and body weight, this muscle conditioning class will strip body fat, increase muscle tissue, and improve overall fitness and strength. The 45 minute high intensity sessions are NOT choreographed in time to music, so you can work fast with light weights to burn fat and tone muscle tissue, or slow low reps with heavy weight to build lean muscle, making this class suitable for every level and adaptable for all fitness goals. Tornado will not leave a single muscle untouched after this class. With powerful music and our motivated coaches this class will leave you feeling amazing, and achieving the best possible results you will be addicted too. Watch out for our signature “Tornado” exercise/challenge that creeps in every class…… There will be no warning and will leave you feeling wiped out and pushed to the limit!
Get Down
Get Down is a GFNE program focusing in DANCE fitness. This class is fusing together a range of different effective dance styles/genres to bring you the most fun and energetic dance class yet. With a mix of high and low intensity easy to follow choreography, this class will keep your body challenged and guessing whilst sweating in style to inspiring music. As well as getting your groove on, each class throws in short 4 minute intense ‘Tabata round’ that will take your heart rate and muscle burn to the next level ensuring you get maximum calorie burn. (Over 900 calories in one class!!) You will also finish the class off with a lower body and core track to set your muscles on fire! This class will increase aerobic fitness strength and muscle tone, improve flexibility, stamina, and keeps the heart, lungs and bones healthy. Dance has proven to ease stress levels and we can guarantee you will leave this class wanting more! (please note this class has flashing disco lights and stage lights only)
Booty Squad
This is the ultimate lower body workout that every woman wants! This class is specifically designed to target stubborn problem areas resulting in curves in all the right places. Booty Squad is a muscular endurance class with a cardio elements to keep the heart rate up into the fat burn zone, whilst shocking muscles targeting the bum, core and legs This empowering class will melt lower body fat and sculpt your shape leaving you energised and feeling amazing.
Fit 2 Fight is a GFNE program combining the power and speed of boxing, with the resistance and interval training of circuits! 45 fully-charged minutes of fat burning, metabolism igniting exercises using pad work, agility, and resistance stations! Boxing training is proven to be one of the highest calorie burning aerobic exercises, team that up with circuit work and you’ve got a formula for success! So come and join us! Punch away those daily stresses and have those excess calories burned into oblivion!
HIITSTEP is an innovative 30 minute HIIT exercise class using only bodyweight and a step. It has been developed using the expertise and experience from those that have competed for and worked with Team GB. Designed to bespoke soundtracks that have been created by some of the UK’s top House DJs, HIITSTEP is a high energy class that pushes you to NEW limits. We have developed an extensive training programme for trainers that is being delivered internationally.
This Jungle Body program is a transformative dumbbell workout that will totally redefine your physique, ignite your muscles, and flood your body with endorphins. BURNS! unique method combines 1.5-2.5kg dumbbells with high repetition movements and dance which fully conditions the body and melts away fat and calories.
This class adapts land-based mixed martial arts and boxing exercises, drills and routines into a water-based routine that gets the heart pumping. Using foam mits for extra resistance in the water this class is challenging, however you are able to work at your own pace making the class suitable for all fitness levels.
FATBURN extreme is a 20 minute maximum intensity workout. Using body weight exercises to emulsify fat, increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity, and gets results fast! It’s a continuous 20 minute workout….. you rest when you need to rest. This pushes your body to its limits, but allows you to work completely to your own pace.
HIITCARDIO is a challenging body weight workout with attitude! You will have MC Stylie is spitting bars and telling you to move your ass, motivating you through the best fat burning exercises! This is an extremely effective class that will have you burning calories for hours after.
GameFit is a 20 minute sports performance fitness workout that maximises results in minimum time. This type of class is designed especially for sport specific skills. It involves agility drills, endurance, strength, fitness and covers all aspects your body needs for so many types of sports. GameFit is FUN, FAST & EFFECTIVE. Its suitable for the whole family!


With a huge range of classes across 16 different venues, working in schools around the North East, and offer Sports Massage, Pre/Post Natal exercise, nutrition plans, online sessions, and chair based exercise for the elderly. We offer something for everyone. Find out more about our availability and timetable.